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About Us


How it all started...

"I remember seeing an Airstream on a US television show when I was a child and falling in love with it. I swore I'd have my own one day... "

Dedicating her life to Airstreams and her passion, Sarah-Jane is here to offer you not just a superior, unrivalled experience but also an opportunity to share in her passion and invite you into the unique world that are Airstreams.



Fast forward to the present and Iconic Rental is an established family owned business with over twenty years experience within the Airstream industry, including Iconic Airstream travel trailers, vehicles, motor bikes and Retro American and vintage memorabilia.

These unique Airstreams can be used for many different types of events, including corporate or private. At Iconic Rental, we strive to create a memorable experience personalised and tailored just for you!


Forget walking into a Travel Agents or booking online, remember the good old days when someone took your perfect holiday dream and made it into a reality…this is the customer service and personal touch that in today’s day and age has long been forgotten.

Here at Iconic Rental we offer the whole package whether it's for your summer getaway, romantic weekend or just an excuse to escape to the country!

Not happy with just settling and creating spectacular experiences for her clients, Sarah-Jane also tours the UK with her Airstreams, visiting many car shows all over the country. She also regularly donates the use of her Airstreams for good causes and creating VIP experiences. 

Iconic Rental does not start and end with just Airstreams though.....

With a catalogue of vintage props, cars and so much more Iconic Rental can definitely supply you with your Retro-American vintage dream.

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